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Learn how to inject and treat clients safely

  • 18 hr
  • 3,300 British pounds

Service Description

Course Overview: The 121 Foundation Anti-Wrinkle Training course is designed to help you start your career as an Aesthetic Practitioner. With the knowledge and skills needed to perform anti-wrinkle treatments safely and effectively. The course is suitable for those who have little to no prior experience with anti-wrinkle treatments, as well as those who are looking to refresh their skills and techniques. Course Objectives: To understand the basic science of anti-wrinkle treatments and the different types available To be able to assess patients and identify suitable candidates for anti-wrinkle treatment To learn the techniques and skills required to perform anti-wrinkle treatments, including injection sites, depth, and dosage To be able to manage and treat any adverse reactions or complications that may occur during or after treatment To gain an understanding of the legal and ethical considerations surrounding anti-wrinkle treatment Course Structure: The Foundation Anti-Wrinkle Training course is typically delivered over 3 days, with a mix of theoretical and practical components. The theoretical component covers topics such as the science of anti-wrinkle treatments, patient assessment, injection techniques, and management of adverse reactions. The practical component allows participants to practise injection techniques on live models under the guidance of experienced trainers. Assessment: Assessment for the Foundation Anti-Wrinkle Training course is typically based on a combination of verbal assessments and practical assessments. Participants will be required to demonstrate their understanding of the theoretical components of the course, as well as their ability to perform anti-wrinkle treatments safely and effectively. Certification: Participants who successfully complete the Foundation Anti-Wrinkle Training course will be awarded a certificate of completion, which can be used to demonstrate their competence and skills in this area. The certificate is typically recognised by regulatory bodies and professional associations. Extras Included: * Luxury workbook student manual * 24/7 student support * Academy gift bags & goodies * 2 Hour Business setup session

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